ministry, interrupted


By Laura Stephens-Reed,

The name on my five-year-old’s birth certificate is Levi. For the past couple of years, however, he has told his dad and me each morning what he wants to be called that day.

Sometimes he is Batman. Other days he is a ninja. And lately, he is usually a penguin named Chilly Willy or a lorikeet he has christened Cheep Cheep. He dresses in clothes that he considers to be the costume for his persona. He talks in his approximation of the character’s voice. He eats – or at least pretends his food is – what he thinks his alter ego would enjoy.

I find Levi-Batman-Chilly Willy-Cheep Cheep’s imagination delightful, and I am grateful that he is surrounded by adults who feel the same way. In fact, he is Tuscaloosa famous at Publix, Panera Bread, and the comic book shop, where the employees love to see who he’s channeling that day. At the same time, Levi’s determination to be living art does interrupt the flow of our family life.  … read more

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