perspectivesWhen you’re an entrepreneur, innovator, artist, scientist, or just a regular person, there’s a common tendency to get caught up in what you’re doing. To listen only to those who agree with you. To conveniently ignore those who have well-reasoned positions the complete opposite of yours. To exist in the echo chamber.

But this is dangerous. And you have to exercise some self-awareness to break the pattern.

It’s always hard to hear that your baby is ugly. That your idea isn’t ready for prime time yet. That there’s still a lot of work to be done. Or that your idea doesn’t have the traction it needs to succeed.

But you have to listen. And here’s why.  Because you don’t have all the answers. And when you surround yourself with those who don’t challenge your assumptions, you’re seeing the world through a singular perspective.

This week, I challenge each one of you to seek out someone you wouldn’t ordinarily talk with. Ask their perspective. Listen respectfully. Dialogue without trying to change their mind. Digest their insight. You might just end up learning something important.

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