Cultivating the courage to lead

by Dennis Miller,


“Put ‘em up! Put ‘em up!” says the Cowardly Lion as he confronts the palace guards.

Of course, by this time in the story, we know that the beloved “The Wizard of Oz” character is more bluster than Braveheart.

By the end of the tale, our Lion learns the truth about courage, that it isn’t about bullying others but about standing firm in our convictions. It isn’t something that is born into our natures either, but is something that anyone — even a cowardly lion — can cultivate and practice. And this is good news for every hopeful future leader in business, and in life.

The topic of leadership seems to be everywhere. There are countless books, blogs, and podcasts on how to become the leader you want to be. I’ve written several of those myself. But when you boil it all down to its essence, leadership is about choosing to be courageous.  … read more

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