Struggling with Regret? This Will Change Your Life.

by Wells Thompson, Account Manager at National Automotive Experts/NWAN – Former Professional Athlete – Founder of Wells Thompson Soccer, LLC


REGRET: an expression of distressing emotion – a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.

It’s a nasty word. Just the sound of it makes you squirm in your seat. Makes you feel all icky inside.

“What’s the single biggest regret of your life?”

That’s the question that I recently proposed to my dad. I had this idea several months ago to start asking my dad one question a week. Becoming a father has given me so much more respect, admiration and appreciation for my own parents. I’ve discovered that they weren’t crazy after all. Who would have thunk? I had such a blessed childhood.

It’s easy to get distracted in life. After all, Goldfish have longer attention spans then we do. So, as I grow and begin to grasp more and more the fragility of life, God continues to remind me to focus on the truly important things. It’s a mission that can be incredibly hard to live out amidst the striving and struggles of life. But one that I fight hard for!

There were a couple of reasons why I asked my dad to embark on this journey. First off, as is the heart of every boy or man, regardless of our age, I long to grow closer to the one man whose approval means the most. My dad! Secondly, because we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, I want to make sure that I collect all the wisdom, experience and knowledge from him before Jesus calls one of us home. It’s the notion of “emptying” my father and not “burying him full.” It’s no doubt brought us closer together. And I’ve learned so much from a man who for so long I thought knew nothing.  … read more

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