A matter of trust


By Laura Stephens-Reed

A couple of months ago I was driving home from two life-giving days of leading workshops in Mississippi. The sun was setting and the sky was showing off its neon pinks and oranges. I was be-bopping along on the interstate, making good time. I was listening to a podcast that was funny yet thought-provoking. I was looking forward to kissing my son good night when I got to my house. Everything was copacetic. And then … an unidentifiable feathered mass hurtled through the air and shattered my windshield on the passenger side. I was not hurt, but my windshield was bowed inward and spraying shrapnel into the car. I pulled over at the next safe place – a rest area – and waited on the tow truck.

Every day when we get in our cars, we are exercising a lot of trust. Trust that objects won’t come…

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