Roses, Chocolate, and … Laundry??


bkm_8053__1_7Growing up, I was captivated by romance. You know, the Anne of Green Gables or Sense and Sensibility type of romance. Expectations built of flowery words, thoughtful (maybe even sparkly) gifts, and much more. As my husband and I have grown together in our love by God’s grace, my heart has changed it’s view of what love really is. Sometimes love is shown with date night or gifts; but most of the time love is bigger than that. Love can be:

  • Forcing yourselves to sit down and talk through an issue when you’d much rather sweep it under the rug.
  • Mowing the lawn for your partner to allow more family time on the weekend, even though you detest mowing the lawn.
  • Cleaning up the kitchen when the one who normally does it is overwhelmed.
  • Helping with laundry without being asked.
  • Agreeing not to buy gifts so you can stay within your budget.
  • Buying the funny card that your spouse will enjoy instead of the serious, mushy card you want to get.
  • Sitting down and enjoying each other’s company in spite of the to-do list screaming your names.
  • Keeping the house or doing a task the way your spouse prefers it done. Not because it’s “right,” but because it’s his/her preference.
  • Not reacting with anger when your spouse does not fulfill your expectations.

Many more ideas are out there. Most of these ideas are free. All of them include putting our sweetheart’s desires above our own. This is not easy most of the time, is it? Showing our love means nothing one day a year if we are not seeking to love the other 364 days. May God bless your marriage as you continue to seek to show each other true love!

How do you choose to show love?

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