The Cedars of Lebanon: A Post-Easter Reflection


By Sam Harrell 

cedarsSince I was a boy, I’ve heard about the Cedars of Lebanon.

Various Biblical accounts venerating this tree as a majestic, towering, enduring symbol of strength and beauty have intrigued me. As a young man, the woodworker in me wondered what it would be like to shape the wood of this tree, so prized in the ancient world for holy and important work.

Now more content to sit in the shade of trees and ponder their majesty than to cut them down and use their product, I jumped at the opportunity to visit Barouk Cedar Forest, high on Mt. Lebanon where remnants of ancient Cedrus libani are preserved in the context of a reforestation effort that began in the 80’s. This band of forest, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, lies 2,000 meters up and about 2 hours out of the bustling, bursting city of Beirut with…

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