National Week of Conversation (April 20-28)

nwoc-final-logo-transparent-cropped_0Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is a national partner in an effort called National Week of Conversation (April 20-28, 2018) and I have been asked to write you and some other local contacts around the country to urge you to be involved in these activities.   During the last week of April, we are inviting people of faith to reach out to someone in their community who has very different political views to arrange a conversation about how to revive civility and respect in our nation.  In particular, we are asking people of different perspectives to talk together about Five Questions for Americans (see attached). 

While it is important that all Americans listen to each other, it is especially important that faith leaders take the initiative and model respectful ways of interacting with each other. All Christians, whether liberal or conservative, share the belief that each person is of a child of God and we must demonstrate that belief in the ways we talk to each other.  We must learn how to disagree without being disagreeable and, most importantly, resist the temptation to dehumanize each other.

Please take a couple of minutes and go to our website ( and learn more about what we are doing.  As you do, please consider two ways you can help:

·         Participate in a conversation–Invite someone you know who has significantly different political views to get together during the last week of April for a 30-60 minute conversation focused on the Five Questions for Americans.  On the website, there is a discussion guide you can use and you can also sign up to get other helpful information.

·         Invite other Cooperative Baptists to set up conversations–Ask some members of your church and/or other Cooperative Baptist churches you work with to initiate conversations with people who disagree with them on politics. This is a particularly good opportunity to reach out some evangelical churches and other Baptists who may be much more conservative.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.  It takes very little time to be involved with National Week of Conversation and I hope you will plan now to set up at least one conversation with someone who holds opposing views.  I think you will find it interesting to talk about the Five Questions for Americans and, in doing so, you will be doing your part to help bridge the divides in our country one conversation at a time.

All the best,
Theo Brown
Outreach Coordinator
National Week of Conversation
240 393-7246

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