Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2018, A time for self-purification? 


By Stephen Reeves

MLK Day will be celebrated in communities across the country. The holiday will be marked by volunteer service projects, interfaith prayer services, parades and other public shows of unity.

These are important commemorations and ideally relationships will be built and trust strengthened, but scratch below the surface and many communities feel anything but united.

Political polarization, dramatic and increasing income inequality, re-segregated schools, vastly different health outcomes based on race and a criminal justice system that often grinds the poor into the dust make it plain that we’re far from living in the “beloved community.” While there has been progress towards Dr. King’s Dream, particularly in an individual sense, communities, institutions and social systems still bear the weight of our history – an ideal not yet realized, a dream deferred.

What is needed from people of faith is action.

Systems which reflect the ongoing impact of history…

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