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by Kim and Marc Wyatt, CBF Advocates for Internationals in Research Triangle, NC

‘And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.’ Luke 2:7

Dear Friends of Welcome House Winston and Welcome House Wilmington,

We have been deeply moved and inspired by your many acts of kindness and generosity toward Carine, Blandine and their sweet babies this year. During worship this morning, Bill Slater, Pastor of Wake Forest Baptist Church, Wake Forest, NC shared the following story. We were reminded of your ministry and wanted to share it with you. Please indulge us.


‘A young boy packed a couple of Twinkies and a Root Beer in his backpack and set out to enjoy his lunch at the park. When he came to his favorite bench he found an elderly woman sitting there. He sat beside her and noticed her bright and happy, angelic smile. After a minute or two, he offered her half his snack. She thanked him for sharing with her. They sat together, silent for a while, and then the boy decided he needed to head home. They smiled at each other and he went on his way.

When he got home, the boy’s mother noticed he was humming a happy tune. ‘What has you in such a good mood, she asked’? The boy looked up at this mother and said, ‘Today I had lunch with God.’

About that same time, the elderly woman returned to her home, the nursing home. An orderly noticed she was humming a happy tune. ‘What has you in such a good mood, the orderly asked’? The elderly woman looked at her helper and said, ‘Today I had lunch with God. And he is quite a bit younger than I thought.’

We give thanks for your ministry of welcome and hospitality toward strangers who have become your friends and neighbors. Thank you for making room for them in your hearts and lives this year.


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