Where do I begin?

It has been a new year on a new campus for me serving with CBSF Chapel-Hill.  Having interned last year with CBSF Raleigh, serving NC State and Meredith campuses, I was sad to leave but excited to begin a new challenge/journey.  I was unsure at first of how the transition would go, but I believe it has helped me grow.  I have been able to experience how each campus (and campus ministry) has a very different personality, meaning how I minister to and engage students greatly changes along with that.  How I approach conversations, lead discussions, and interact with students changes as well.  I have hopefully made that transition as smooth as I can.

The places I have learned the most is through conversations with students.  Whether it is over lunch or just a brief one at a regular meeting, I have once again learned how important ministry to and with these students is.  We do highs and lows each week, so we hear the pain that needs healing, but we are also able to celebrate together.  There are a lot of life changes going on in college, and being able to work through how God’s story fits perfectly with those changes and their own stories is a beautiful thing.  It is not an easy task and one that we often fail at, but one that is of the utmost importance.

I am learning that, spiritually, young people desire/yearn/crave for something deep and real.  Something that is personal and meaningful.  Something that they can call their own.  My prayer is that we are offering them the space and opportunity to do just that.

I have learned Campus Ministry is not easy.  Something as simple as scheduling a Leadership Team meeting can be a challenge as the students are overloaded with school, work, and life.  I am seeing how it can be hard to do ministry when the students are likely to only be in school for four years.  That is a quick window that revolves often.  None of this makes it any less important though, nor does it diminish how much these students matter.  All it does is confirm to me that we NEED this ministry.

Michael Sizemore
Hometown: Fuquay-Varina, NC
Undergraduate: UNC Charlotte with Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Grad School: Campbell University Divinity School (currently 2nd year)


Will Raybon – Intern at UNC Asheville
Lauren Halsey – intern East Carolina
Jaime Fitzgerald – intern Western Carolina
Addison Cook – intern UNC Greensboro
Emma Tilley – intern Duke
Michael Sizemore – intern UNC Chapel Hill
Liz Britt – intern NC State/Meredith College


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