“what I’ve learned in Campus Ministry so far…”

will raybonWhat I’ve learned in campus ministry so far is that campus ministry is a dynamic and crucial aspect of ministry. It consists of learning and applying every major discipline of theological education. On some nights that means sitting down with a student and giving pastoral care and counseling. More often than not, it consists of Christian education and formation with a devoted group of students. Without campus ministry, young adults’ faith development essentially grinds to a halt after they graduate from their youth group. Campus ministry has taught me to be an advocate for a generally overlooked population of Christians.

Will Raybon
Hometown: Asheville; Undergraduate: Appalachian State University/Criminal Justice; Divinity school: Christian Education concentration at Gardner-Webb School of Divinity


Will Raybon – Intern at UNC Asheville
Lauren Halsey – intern East Carolina
Jaime Fitzgerald – intern Western Carolina
Addison Cook – intern UNC Greensboro
Emma Tilley – intern Duke
Michael Sizemore – intern UNC Chapel Hill
Liz Britt – intern NC State/Meredith College


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