CBFNC Collegiate Ministry says Thanks!

by Wanda Kidd, CBFNC Collegiate Engagement Coordinator

mundo vistaI think most of us Baptist in North Carolina think of Mundo Vista as a beautiful camp in the Uharrie Mountains of North Carolina. It is a place where our Girls on Missions spend a week learning about mission education, crafts, and activities. And while that is true, like me, you might be amazed and delighted to know that the camp is so much more.

When CBFNC began to look for a place to host our first Mid-Winter Retreat for college students, we put out feelers all over the state for a place to have the event. When someone suggested looking at Mundo Vista, I was surprised that it was available for groups beyond the WMU of NC world, but we asked anyway.

What we found at Mundo Vista was a staff that was willing to work with us on housing and food in a creative and accommodating way. We also fell in love with the location and the facilities that were winterized and well equipped for our group. Not only was the meeting space for the group time a great size for what we needed, but also the audiovisual capabilities met the expectations of our technically savvy students.

However, the thing that brings students back year after year is the camp’s location and all of its natural beauty. There are trails and overlooks, which provides places to think, pray and play. Space for these things to happen is very important to students who sometimes feel overwhelmed by life on campus. Camp Mundo Vista gives them the space to relax, recoup and revitalize their lives in one very short weekend.

In this era of divesting ourselves of so many of our spiritual touchstones, the CNFNC Collegiate Ministry appreciates WMU of NC’s understanding and sacrifice in providing us a place retreat. I suppose what I am trying to say, is thank you WMU of NC for having the foresight to invest your resources in a place that reminds us of God’s grace and beauty, not only for young women but also for sharing it with all of us.


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