Hurricane Matthew Response: week one


From Around the Fellowship … In Their Own Words

  • On October 9th, Bert Young at First, Bladenboro, reported, “We are without power still and can’t really get out of town because all roads out of town are flooding still. I imagine in the grand scheme of things Bladenboro is not at the top of Duke Power’s list, though many areas right around us who are on the electric coop do have power. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.” On October 11th, Bert updated CBFNC, saying, “Some roads are still flooded, but doing better. Some roads are damaged and some power is restored. Our church has given away 300 bags of food from our food pantry so far. There are limited supplies of gas and groceries.”
  • Initial reports from Edenton Baptist Church: Pastor David Brooks said, “We had a lot of rain and wind yesterday and overnight. Spotty power outages and lots of closed roads due to flooding. Thankfully, we’ve had no injuries or fatalities. We even had church this morning–one of the few churches around that went ahead and met. Attendance was down, of course, but it was great for those who could be here. Hope reports from others in CBFNC family have been ok.”
  • Brad Smith, Pastor at The Memorial Baptist Church in Greenville updated CBFNC to say, “We are doing well. The hurricane created some road damage. Now we wait for the floods.” On October 14th, he reported, “Our church has been doing feeding ministry from church kitchen, delivering meals to needy areas including the nearby town of Grifton which had been neglected by authorities.”
  • CBFNC Moderator, Lisa Rust has provided up-to-date reports from Lumberton where she is a member of First, Lumberton. Her initial reports included, “Lumberton has really been hit hard and Kenneth was told that we probably won’t have power for another 3-4 days. Very limited, intermittent cell service. We have lost water and power. Power not expected to be restored until Sunday and parts of the infrastructure will have to be rebuilt. The river is continuing to rise and if it continues we will probably lose our restaurant on the South part of town. All of our employees are accounted for but some are displaced. A lot of folks are needing prayer and attention.” Later last week she reported, “Situation in Lumberton is dire. Municipal water system out and may be for weeks.”
  • The view from First, Clinton, as given by their pastor, Ray Ammons: On October 8th, “There are 11 inches of rain thus far. We are blocked in our neighborhood we can’t get out because of overflowing creeks. The wind is now kicking up and 75% of the town is without power. We still have it but we’re anticipate it going out any minute. We have canceled our services for tomorrow as have several other churches already.”
    Later last week he updated CBFNC to say, “The City of Clinton OK, but the county was badly damaged. Roads around city are blocked so it’s difficult to get food and to grocery stores.”
  • Initial reports from First, Richlands, by pastor, Greg McAbee included, “Lots of people still without power. Roads still closed. Creeks and rivers still rising until Friday or so. Officials say it could be some of the worst flooding ever. Thankful that everyone is safe and other than the rain and water, damage is minimal. We are still trying to determine what the needs are. At this point the focus has been on clearing debris. I’m sure we will have a better handle on what the needs are in the days ahead.”
  • Reports from Snyder Memorial in Fayetteville included, “There are major roads washed out and lots of trees down all over the city. Water and power is still out in places around town.” An update last week said, “Fayetteville hit hard, including some in congregation. Their efforts are focused on needy church members right now.”
  • An update from our partner in theological education, Mike Cogdill a Professor at Campbell University Divinity School said, “We were hit hard in Buies Creek and surrounding area. Our damage is from 12-14″ of rain and the heavy winds which accompanied the storm. Flooding, trees down, etc. We lost power at my home around noon on Saturday and are still out. Projections are that it may be Thursday or Friday before power is restored. I understand Campbell had power restored to some degree this morning. The University is closed today. All this is to say I may be questionable for Thursday but I want to come if at all possible. I understand that the Lumberton area was hit very badly. I am sure our prayers for our friends there would be appreciated.”
  • Rob James, Pastor at First, Fayetteville, said, “Fayetteville was hit hard, not as hard as Lumberton; however, we are dealing with power and water issues. It has been especially difficult to locate water that is drinkable. People are instructed to boil water for their homes. The hospital in Fayetteville is in dire circumstance due to lack of water for sterilization of equipment. If people contact CBFNC to ask for a location in need of missions project and opportunity for service to others, please let them know that Fayetteville needs assistance. As an FYI, please know that Baptist Men/Disaster Relief is present in Fayetteville. They have set up their food services and are working in our area. We are so thankful!”
  • Jimmy Smith the pastor at Connaritsa, Aulander, responded to CBFNC’s contacts, “Thanks for your concern—we got 10.25″ of rain. Flooding came within 1.5 mi from my house. The main thing was as far as I know no one in my community got hurt but unfortunately on the east side of Gates county a man lost his life when his truck got turned over in flood waters. The Gates county water system had a breach and still hasn’t been repaired—the schools will be closed all week because of this. FEMA is passing out bottled water MRIs.”

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