It happened again



Once again the youngest and I traveled together to go to book club. The discussion this week was “what is saving your life today” and when I told the youngest the topic he paused and commented “y’all talk about deep stuff” So off we went and he sat in the circle of these ladies, whom he calls his fan club!! He sat and participated and he was ok. No pulse checking, no sitting away from the group, just being.

I am thankful for this group of women, not that I think the same thoughts and I think that is a good thing. I am thankful for the acceptance of me and of the youngest,  thankful for the prayers said, the encouragements given, the smiles and delights of sharing one another’s burdens as well as joys. It is a community of believers, those who believe in a thing greater than we are and I am better for being a part of this little group.

so today my prayer is for community, for sharing burdens, joy, hope, laughter and tears. For a while with this group the broken world looks a little less broken, and a little more hopeful. Thanks be to God for this diverse group of women, who are looking deeper, more soulfully into the depths of God, and embrace the mystery . Amen


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